You are invited to take a journey through the art! Personal Virtual Reality Art Experiences are open for viewing in the South Florida area. Please call to reserve in advance. Alissa Christine is also available for live performances, events and commissions.

• Premiere VR Performing Artist in Costa Rica at Fest 2018
• Resident Artist at: : Wynwood : 2018
• Member of the Visionary Arts Collective & Art, Music, Technology Community Catalyst
• Virtual Muralist at : Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Artist Exhibitor and Panelist at 2018 & 2019
• Curator of at Miami VR Expo 2019
• Educator with the Magic Innovation Academy

Bookings, collaborations, art purchases and licensing inquiries: 305.772.5130
ig: @alissachristineloves / @LUVRworldwide

LUVR Worldwide is a Virtual Reality Arts & Services Resource founded by Alissa Christine. LUVR is a channel for the “Love” of VR, serving as a catalyst of this vast creative medium and connecting with the global progressive playground of the art, music and wellness communities..

LUVR Art Viewing Experiences
This is your opportunity to connect one-on-one with the artist as she guides you inside her VR art and shares her creative process. Put on the headset and walk into the 3D light sculpture paintings to discover treasures within.
She creates each art piece as a journey to be explored. For example, the “Tree of Life” artwork allows you to go below the surface into the roots. The sacred geometry of the Seed of Life resides there and spawns a path of DNA that can be followed up through the trunk of the tree, encountering gems along the way.
“Journey to the Oasis”, is a painting inspired by the movie “Ready Player One.” Alissa created an artistic scavenger hunt landscape to find 3 keys and the right path, that will lead you to the Oasis.
Art experiences can be booked for events, groups and personal private sessions.

LUVR Immersive Wellness Experiences (click to book sessions)
Feel a multi-sensory elevation. Alissa Christine creates immersive journeys combining the Healing Arts and Virtual Reality Art. She blends the boundaries of what’s inside and outside in the literal and figurative sense. Alissa’s joy is sharing the magic of light, energy and information, congruent with her wellness practices of Reconnective Energy Healing... conceptualized with an intention of guiding the virtual explorer toward states of elevation.
Alissa’s “Chakra Goddess Butterfly” art piece allows you to line up the Chakras of the Goddess within your own body and almost feel the glowing, vibrating orbs of energy inside of you. The viewer will be able to dive deeper into each energy center and experience a personal journey through the colors and qualities of the chakra system as an opportunity to connect with a sensation of self-empowerment. This multisensory experience includes stimulation of the 5 senses.

Live Performance: LUVR 3D Art Painting
Dance with the Art. Alissa Christine paints live in Virtual Reality wearing a VR headset as the art she creates is simultaneously streamed. This performance may be booked as a featured highlight during your event, and can also be an accompaniment for Live Music and DJ sets.
The evolving images are dynamic glowing visuals animated to the beat of the music and can be projected onto screens, buildings, domes, ceilings and into pools, enhancing the ambiance of any venue. This is a unique futuristic combination of art, technology and music, as her poetic movements and visuals intrigue the audience.

LUVR Light Body Portraits
Imagine stepping into your “Light Body.” What is that exactly? It is an artistic interpretation of your supernatural self, and Alissa Christine will create one just for you... in Virtual Reality. For example, see how it feels to have wings of an angel, shoot lasers from your eyes, ride the perfect wave, or simply embody your aura of bliss, whatever it may be.  In the otherworldly realm, the light paintings may help balance your chakras, connect to your ‘spirit animal’, and expand your magical aspirations.
It is a session where Alissa traces an outline of your body with rays of light in 3D virtual space, and uses that ‘blueprint’ to create a glowing, vibrating, aura painting that surrounds you. Alissa’s inspiration comes from your responses to a brief questionnaire and the degree of detail is up to you...

LUVR VR Painting Workshop & Team Building
Paint with fire! Learn some of the basic tools in Google Tilt Brush Software to create a collaborative work of art with your group. Alissa Christine will guide and facilitate the process most effective for your group’s purpose. De-stress, relax and bond by trying something innovative and fun:)
The VR Team Building sessions are extremely engaging and help expand the mind by painting in a space of new discoveries, opening creative pathways. Some of the activations to choose are “3D Mandala Making,” “The Path to Everywhere” or “Visual Story Telling.”.

LUVR Art Commissioned Paintings
Bring your dreams to life. VR 3D Light Sculpture Paintings communicate thoughts and feelings beyond words. For Alissa Christine, it is one of her favorite and most effective mediums of expression. She is intuitively gifted with the ability to translate ideas into visions.
The VR space is vast and possibilities are infinite, which allows Alissa to create worlds within worlds and paths that almost never end. The VR art will be a pulsating, glowing multi-dimensional masterpiece that animates along with any music that is played. The artwork may also be embellished at a later date, for an ever-evolving art experience.

LUVR Logo Enhancement / Augmented Reality
Extend the outreach of your brand. Alissa Christine crafts Virtual Reality versions of your logo for 3D immersive experiences. Tell a story with your message and gain interactive recognition. The artwork may also be implemented into Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) on Magic Leap, furthering promotional possibilities.
All types of business are bound to benefit in sales by embracing the screenless world, with VR / MR / AR in particular being major factors in the marketplace. It interactively helps customers deeply engage with products, services and promotions. Overlaying a image in an augmented field of view gives new life to your story and creates a bond with the consumer. Connect with the world on the cutting edge of emergent technology.

Please visit event page for upcoming happenings:)

Miami based artist Alissa Christine performs a live virtual reality 3D painting debut at Tamarindo Art Wave Festival 2018 in Costa Rica. The Chakra Butterfly painting was created in 35 minutes on stage using Google TiltBrush Technology. The intention of the final art piece is for the experiencer to journey through the chakras which can be aligned with their own body and then explored further into the vortex within. The subtleties of energetic vibration of light and information present an invitation to flow like a butterfly. This piece and others are available for private viewings with a virtual reality headset, where you are invited to join the journey and look within. This artistic VR experience and painting is available for sale and/or licensing.
Alissa Christine is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional artist, photographer and energetic healing practitioner. Creation for Alissa Christine is experiential and experimental and the evolution continues...
Special thanks to the Tamarindo Art Wave Organization, Central506 Group and SV3NSKA.
Music track: Baikal Nomads: Mixtape #21 by MiRET
Video Edited by: Alissa Christine
More info:
ig: @alissachristineloves