i love miami 365®

a photo journey. one year. every day. living in the moment.

“i love miami 365®”: photo journal is a 366 page, coffee table book radiating the soul of the Magic City from the inside out. Every day of an entire year was an inspirational journey of gratitude, celebration and the beauty of life... deep within the heart and soul of the Magic City, and photographed by Alissa Christine. Alissa’s pictures are underground, above ground and behind the scenes with local access. Through her photos you can feel the sun, hear the music, savor the flavors, gaze upon paradise, and breathe in the love! click for photos, news and more info

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This photography book features images of Alissa Christine's multiple exposure photography... some performed live. Featuring images of Nikki Borodi, Komakozie, Lori Diaz, Vanessa Lynn Amor, Alissa Christine and more. Soon to be published.
Please call for inquiries. 305-772-5130